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Waiting for the last gasp – The meanderings of a muddled mind in the meantime

  • Gardening, poetry, and the relentless passage of time

    In about 2006-07 I had a short-lived column at a local bi-monthly called the Southwest Journal that served southwest Minneapolis, a clever name for the publication to be sure. But like Darts World magazine, you knew what you were getting.  A victim of the early days of the pandemic, the paper is sadly gone now,… Continue reading

  • Relationships and consensual spreadsheets

    Mondays always feel like an existential crisis, and even more so if your weekend didn’t go as planned. The truth is, I accomplished very little this weekend, unless you consider the ending of a relationship an accomplishment. In which case, I accomplished that. But even that accomplishment I can’t claim as my own, because the… Continue reading

  • Chips & Salsa + unreasonable fear and overly aggressive self-defense

    Has anyone ever finished a jar of salsa, or does one after another get pushed to the back of the fridge, until one day you open a jar and see that it is now a petri dish, mold and all, confirming your suspicions and allowing you to finally toss it without experiencing much moral duress?… Continue reading

  • Adorable plants that commit murder

    It’s plant buying season, and not just outdoor plants or plants for the garden, but indoor plants, too. After every winter, several of my houseplants inevitably give up trying to survive in what is at best a hostile environment. They have too much water, or not enough. They get no fertilizer, then suddenly 3 cigarette… Continue reading

  • My skeleton

    Every night I go to bed I put my skeleton in the closet. I hang it up like a pair of slacks that you don’t want to wrinkle. Were I to leave it in a heap on the floor, it might develop kinks. I could find myself waking in the morning to a dislocated hip.… Continue reading

  • A lazy, unimaginative wish

    A white squirrel used to live in relative proximity to my yard. The last couple of years I’d see him once every few weeks or so, but the last week I’ve seen him much more frequently. I’m not sure what changed for him, but now he hops curiously or scurries through my yard a few… Continue reading

  • When it comes to shoes, there is no sale in laces

    Today I started to notice little green buds tipping off on trees. The sun was out and it felt like spring. A white squirrel tip-toed his way to a bird bath outside my back porch and helped himself to some water. Surely that’s a sign. That this is real spring.  I came home after a… Continue reading

  • The World Wide Boob Web turns 30

    NPR says that on April 30, 1993, something called the World Wide Web launched into the public domain, the brainchild of Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher in Switzerland at CERN, now known for its particle accelerators. I was a freshman in high school in 1993, but I don’t recall using the internet much in school. By… Continue reading

  • An open letter to General Mills re: Lucky Charms

    General Mills, Inc.P.O. Box 9452Minneapolis, MN 55440 From: Adam D. Overland* Dear General Mills,Over the years, I’ve written many a letter to you requesting the revision of your product Lucky Charms. All requests have been ignored. I have been as polite as possible, but your steadfast resistance to my requests has wrought an onslaught for… Continue reading

  • The first fart

    Farting is likely the oldest joke in the world, one told by humans and our ancestors since perhaps even before we were able to communicate with each other through symbols or language. Before fire even, there were farts.  When someone farts, at least when it’s a friend or family member, you probably laugh. The laugh… Continue reading

  • Cupid’s Conservative Fantasy Gifts

    Out driving today, I saw in the distance a big banner draped from a home’s front deck that read “Pro-Choice.” As I got nearer, I could see the banner also included a little graphic of a worker on a roof, presumably shingling, because under that it said, in small font, “Roofing.” So, it was a… Continue reading

  • ‘I could just lay down in there and not get up again’ + High-yield savings accounts

    Today I opened 3 different bank accounts. The first was with Apple because they came out with a savings account that pays over 4% interest. It was all over my news feed, so I felt pressured. Then, because I’d started looking and was going down the rabbit hole, I found another account through SoFi bank… Continue reading

  • April 13 – Buttermentally conscious

    It’s gotten warm enough in my house over the last two days of 80 degree temps that the butter is easy to knife into and spread on toast. I think that is a pretty good way to judge about how warm you should keep your house to be both environmentally and buttermentally conscious. About 74… Continue reading

  • April 12 – Put me in a burlap sack

    A turkey ran through my yard this morning. It seemed confused, hung out in the back corner for a while, then hopped the fence into the neighbor’s yard. It was somehow incredibly exciting, which made me think my life must really be going downhill.  Last night the Timberwolves made 12 3-point shots in their game,… Continue reading

  • Spring is for the birds

    I changed out the dirty winter snowmelt in a couple of bird baths in my yard today, and within the hour birds had heard the news and were stopping by for a shine. A female cardinal was quickly dipping her head and flapping like mad to get under her armpits, I suppose, which must get… Continue reading

  • April 10 – Of all the legacies to leave behind, I think a bench is a good one

    After just a couple days of extraordinarily nice temperatures, the snow is nearly gone from places where it wasn’t piled high. But in parking lots, mountains of snow will melt like glaciers for weeks yet, leaving behind all the litter that was scooped up with it: cans, bottles, wrappers, bags, the occasional spoon, a glove… Continue reading

  • My whole body is sore today

    Easter was always a favorite holiday of mine growing up. It had all the ingredients of a perfect adventure, the key one being a treasure hunt. My mom and dad would hide a basket for each of us kids, and that basket contained treasure; namely, a bunch of unhealthy candy. It was like Halloween, but… Continue reading

  • April 8 – I can replace shocks if I have to 

    I changed the oil in my truck, the first time I’ve done so with the new rig–a 2020 Ford F150. What usually took me 15 minutes with my Toyota took me two hours with this one, partly because I didn’t look at the engine diagram closely enough and I removed a skid plate that I… Continue reading

  • That dog is better than me at running

    As life has gone on, my opinion of myself has slowly improved. I think a lot of people who knew me when I was younger probably thought that I thought more of myself, but that wasn’t the case. I guess I hid it well.  Now, my opinion of myself has improved so much that I’ve… Continue reading

  • Stat attack!

    When I began my trip I wasn’t sure what it would bring. My goals were few, but significant: I wanted to get away from a couple months of winter in Minnesota; I wanted to get out of my usual routines; and I hoped to try to start writing for myself again.  I think I achieved… Continue reading

  • Two things in life are certain: Taxes and Arby’s

    I did my taxes today, and I was thinking I’d be getting some money back, and depending on how much that was, I was planning on heading to Arby’s or a restaurant of equal quality afterwards to treat myself, and possibly even a friend. But instead of getting money back, I owe more than $900.… Continue reading

  • Getting by on beanwiches

    Tonight I began the process of restocking my cupboards, which were bare because I cleaned them out when I left and I was gone for over two months.  I like to keep enough food on hand at any given moment to withstand at least a two-week siege, whatever form that siege may take. Growing up,… Continue reading

  • April 2 – Remember to take your pillow

    There is a written list on my kitchen counter, compiled before I left, each item checkmarked across the board—a list completed. I had reminded myself to unplug something or other, to remember to take my pillow, to turn off the water, and not to forget the coffee maker (whatever you do).  I remember that when… Continue reading

  • April 1 – Goodbye winter. Hello spring.

    The sun is bright and full and beautiful today. It snowed 8 inches last night in Robbinsdale, a pure white snow that reflects the brightness in every direction, bringing it from all angles so that you can’t help but squint.  I went to bed sick and I woke up sick, possibly bronchitis, which I’ve had… Continue reading

  • March 30 – Please enjoy Arby’s

    I just enjoyed Arby’s at a Love’s truck stop/gas station all-in-one extravaganza in Cameron, Missouri. They even have electric RV spots at this Love’s—5 of them, for around $40 a night. Not more than 5 miles away is a state park, so I don’t know why you’d choose to stay here, and yet there are… Continue reading


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